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"The project was handled in a manner that always made you aware of your value as the customer. Jim (Lipten project manager) responded to all inquiries in a prompt and extremely professional manner. You could always sense that he was concerned about doing everything within his power to keep the project moving and the customer happy. John (Lipten site supervisor) did an outstanding job of coordinating the work in the field. He made the necessary contacts to get clarification for any questions that arose in a timely manner and was always in contact with the key players needed to keep the project moving. I’m pleased to be closing out my career with the State of Pennsylvania having had the opportunity to see a project of this magnitude completed without the ever familiar delays that typically occur within the layers of the State Government decision making process."

—Michael McGrath, Allentown State Hospital


As emissions regulations at both the national and local levels become more stringent, the penalties for noncompliance, and likewise the incentives to adopt low-NOx measures, are mounting. Fortunately, advances in combustion technology, renewable fuels and recirculation technologies are creating opportunities to significantly reduce greenhouse gasses.

As a leader in the design and development of power plants for 40 years, Lipten remains on the forefront of emerging technologies for reducing emissions without sacrificing performance. We help clients implement the most reliable and cost-effective NOx/SOx reduction technology for their central energy centers.

Our Turnkey Green Solutions not only offer sustainable environmental advantages, but also help clients achieve tenable economic solutions to spiraling fuel costs. Combating fluctuating gas prices, Lipten's Biomass Energy Center team provides turnkey renewable fuel solutions, including ROI justifications, financing arrangements and feedstock sourcing.

Green solutions, energy efficiency, product technology.

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