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"We were looking to upgrade our boilers and Lipten fit it in our powerhouse and made it compatible with our existing system. It’s efficient as heck and we get better steam with less gas and water usage."

—Joseph Serra, Providence Hospital Manager of Operations, As Quoted in The Detroit News


Thank you for your interest in Lipten Company. In the face of the increasingly challenging world of power generation, now more than ever, you need an energy system supplier that has the means, methods and products to keep you ahead of the curve of expanding environmental and financial demands. For over 40 years, Lipten has remained innovative and stands at the forefront of technology to provide clean, reliable, cost effective energy systems. With the experience and support of our design and engineering group, we provide the most efficient, effective and environmentally compatible systems available. Our ability, experience and resources enable us to work effectively with any type of non-nuclear technology or fuel source. Be it coal, gas or biomass, we can offer the products and designs that achieve optimum efficiencies. I hope you find your visit to our website both enlightening and inspiring, and I invite you to contact your local sales representative or our home office to learn more of how Lipten can change the way you generate power.

Jim Spencer
President and CEO