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John has worked on my projects as a boiler specialist. We have hired John and Lipten two times, and are in the process of developing a third project.

Both times John has provide valuable advice and service to help us to convert boilers from coal to natural gas, to engineer a new economizer for an existing boiler, and to help us develop a plan for a boiler at the end of it's lifecycle.

John's attention to detail, and timely advice has made Lipten our supplier of choice for boiler systems. John has provided complete lifecycle support from capital planning to execution of replacement systems.

—W. Bernie Yeater PMP, CEM - General Motors


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Monday, March 31, 2008
Lipten Ethanol Plant Contracts

The Lipten Company announced today that they have received a contract for the EPC work on the central energy plant portions of two new Ethanol production facilities. Both facilities are located in the Midwest and are expected to be completed by summer of 2009. The size of the two contracts are not being disclosed.

Lipten’s president, Jim Spencer, gave a lot of the credit to the efforts of Hughes Machinery, Lipten’s sale representative located in Kansas City, Mo. “ Tim Powell and Luke VanCamp played a vital role in our ability to obtain these two contracts”. Both of the projects will be managed by Michael Hazzard, Senior Project Manager for Lipten.

The Lipten Company is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction firm (EPC) that specializes in General Contracting, Steam generation, Power generation, Chilled water systems, Co-Generation and Water treatment projects.

Lipten custom designs the Central Energy Facilities systems to match the unique requirements of each of their clients. They have completed over 500 EPC installations.

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