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John has worked on my projects as a boiler specialist. We have hired John and Lipten two times, and are in the process of developing a third project.

Both times John has provide valuable advice and service to help us to convert boilers from coal to natural gas, to engineer a new economizer for an existing boiler, and to help us develop a plan for a boiler at the end of it's lifecycle.

John's attention to detail, and timely advice has made Lipten our supplier of choice for boiler systems. John has provided complete lifecycle support from capital planning to execution of replacement systems.

—Project Manager, General Motors


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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Lipten Power joins EPA partnership to increase energy efficiency, reduce pollution

DETROIT, MI - LIPTEN Company of Wixom, Michigan, a powerhouse and energy cogeneration provider for the auto industry and Fortune 100 clients, has joined the Environmental Protection Agency's Combined Heat and Power Partnership (CHP) dedicated to reducing the environmental impact and increasing efficiency of power generation.

LIPTEN joins such CHP Partners as General Motors, Dow Chemical, US Steel, MIT and University of Michigan in this nationwide, combined government/industry effort.

CHP was formed to promote the benefits of combined heat and power generation -- cogeneration -- in reducing emissions and greenhouse gases, as opposed to electricity-only power generation.

"The soaring cost of energy sources such as natural gas, and the need to reduce air pollution make it more important than ever that we get behind this new CHP effort," said Jim Spencer, president of LIPTEN Company.

"Newer combined heat and power generation systems are reaching efficiencies in excess of 80%, nearly double that of older systems, while reducing emissions by 50% or greater."

LIPTEN Company, headquartered in the Detroit suburb of Wixom and founded in 1969, serves a national clientele for installation, instrumentation and servicing of power generation systems, including the major automobile companies and other Fortune 100 companies. Branch offices are located in the Detroit, New York City, Indianapolis and Montreal areas.

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