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"The project was handled in a manner that always made you aware of your value as the customer. Jim (Lipten project manager) responded to all inquiries in a prompt and extremely professional manner. You could always sense that he was concerned about doing everything within his power to keep the project moving and the customer happy. John (Lipten site supervisor) did an outstanding job of coordinating the work in the field. He made the necessary contacts to get clarification for any questions that arose in a timely manner and was always in contact with the key players needed to keep the project moving. I’m pleased to be closing out my career with the State of Pennsylvania having had the opportunity to see a project of this magnitude completed without the ever familiar delays that typically occur within the layers of the State Government decision making process."

—Michael McGrath, Allentown State Hospital


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Lipten to Increase Efficiency of 63 MW Cogeneration Facility

Lipten announced today that it has secured an engineering, procurement and construction contract for efficiency upgrades at a 63MW cogeneration facility. The project involves installing a new condensing economizer to recover flue gas heat at the outlet of an existing Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG). The OTSG generates steam utilizing the exhaust gas from a 38 MW GE Frame 6B gas turbine. The cogeneration facility is owned and operated by Primary Energy Recycling Corporation (TSX: PRI). The CHP facility supplies 100% of the thermal energy needs and a significant portion of the electrical energy needs of Primary Energy’s host portside steel mill.

"This may be the first application in the world to utilize both a steam generator and condensing economizer on 38 MW GE Frame 6B Gas Turbine," said James Spencer, president and CEO of Lipten, “Lipten’s experience with custom engineering of energy systems will be extremely valuable in the success of this important project.” John Ingraham, Proposal Development Manager at Lipten Company, added, “The heat recovery from this project will offset up to 70,000 lbs/hr of steam generation. This means less fuel is used for steam generation equating to significantly reduced operating costs and lower emissions. This project represents an excellent example of Lipten’s core focus of creating value for our customers and helping them deliver on their commitments to shareholders.”

About Primary Energy Recycling Corporation:
Primary Energy Recycling Corporation owns a majority interest in Primary Energy Recycling Holdings LLC ("PERH"). PERH, headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, indirectly owns and operates four recycled energy projects and a 50 percent interest in a pulverized coal facility (collectively, the "Projects"). The Projects have a combined electrical generating capacity of 283 megawatts and a combined steam generating capacity of 1.8M lbs/hour. PERH creates value for its customers by recycling recoverable heat and byproduct fuels from industrial and electric generation processes and converting it into reliable and economical electricity and thermal energy for resale back to its customers.

About Lipten Company:
Lipten Company is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firm that specializes in Central Energy Plant (CEP) General Contracting. Lipten provides steam generation, power generation, chilled water systems, compressed air systems, water treatment systems, controls and related Energy Center equipment and services. Lipten’s level of support can vary from an advisory role to complete turn-key facility construction. Services include: design, engineering, drafting (CAD), equipment specifications, procurement, installation, construction management, site audits, start-up, operator training and maintenance.

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