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John has worked on my projects as a boiler specialist. We have hired John and Lipten two times, and are in the process of developing a third project.

Both times John has provide valuable advice and service to help us to convert boilers from coal to natural gas, to engineer a new economizer for an existing boiler, and to help us develop a plan for a boiler at the end of it's lifecycle.

John's attention to detail, and timely advice has made Lipten our supplier of choice for boiler systems. John has provided complete lifecycle support from capital planning to execution of replacement systems.

—Project Manager, General Motors


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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Lipten Power Updates Flint Wastewater Emissions Monitoring

WIXOM, MI, Sept. 30 -- Emissions monitoring at the City of Flint's wastewater treatment facility on Beecher Road is being upgraded to meet current EPA air pollution standards by LIPTEN Power of Wixom, Michigan, a power plant engineering and installation provider.

With the upgrade, the plant will be in compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency's Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) regulation 503, which sets a standard of 40 ppm for total hydrocarbon content (THC) of emissions.

LIPTEN Power was chosen, in part, for its extensive experience installing CEM systems, as well as a history of previous successful work for the City of Flint.

The $371,000 investment to insure air quality will involve the installation of two continuous emission monitoring systems for two flue emission streams. Included will be detection and analysis systems with the latest programmable logic controllers, uninterruptible power supply, two computerized data acquisition systems with printout capability, all necessary ancillary equipment and an outdoor enclosure.

Work on Installation of the system began September 22 and will be completed by March 23, 2005. Had the City of Flint not upgraded the facility, they could have been liable for fines of up to $2500 a day.

City of Flint approved electrical and mechanical construction firms are being employed by LIPTEN Power for the installation.

LIPTEN Power (, a Tier One supplier to auto companies and other major industries, serves a national clientele for design, installation and servicing of power generation and cogeneration systems. Branch offices are located in the Detroit, New York City and Montreal markets.

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